Reef 301 Los Angeles USA

Completed July 2016.

Reef 301 is an original installation in a private residence. The tank was crafted by ELOS and the custom ceramic reef, by Korallenwelt in Rostock, Germany.

One of a kind, This Custom ELOS aquarium is over six feet long and two and a half feet deep and tall. All corner joints are mitered. Perimeter brace joints are mitered as well with the braces’ inside edges all polished to 45 degrees. It is fitted with two Quiet Drains®.

The custom stand was crafted by Chris Benner of Benner Woodworking. It was designed as two pieces – the cabinet stand itself and an extension. The stand itself houses the genuinely unique filtration components we designed specifically for this system. They were crafted by the artists at MRC.

For illumination, our client chose AcroOptics. The fixture is nearly six feet long, is comprised of nine individual LED panels and fifteen channels of wireless control.

Currently, the system is well on its way to biological development. Still in production are a custom jump screen and dosing station drip tray. We are very excited to see this system develop.

Custom ultra-clear glass aquarium with mitered corners, perimeter brace joints, and dual QuietDrain overflows by ELOS.

  • Custom PVC sump, UVS, and seawater mixing tank by MRC
  • Foam fractionation by Royal Exlcusiv Bubble King
  • Control and system monitoring by Neptune Systems
  • Fluidized media reactors and skimmer overflow control by Avast Marine

  • Custom color-anodized LED fixture by AcroOptics
  • Dual return pumps by Ecotech Marine
  • Handmade custom wood cabinetry by Benner Custom Woodworking
  • Internal circulation by Tunze
  • Freshwater purification and system top-off by SpectraPure

Marine Pond 6435 Miami Beach USA

Completed July 2016.

Marine Pond 6435 is a tropical marine fish pond in a private residence. Not a koi pond, this project consists of two levels – a covered upper section and a fully exposed lower section outdoors connected by a waterfall and covering over 600 square feet at a depth of 18″. It is one of several aquatic architectural elements the residence features.

The life-support system sits on an outdoor platform 29′ long and 5′ wide on the South side of the residence. All components within the system are monitored and controlled by Apex. Four Dolphin Pumps draw water from the lower section, supply the system’s components then the filtered water returns to the upper section both by gravity and pressure.

System installation was completed in July 2016 with the pond receiving its first delivery of nearly 7000 gallons of natural seawater. All systems are currently fully functional. We expect to begin stocking the system by the end of August 2016.

  • Temperature control by Aqualogic
  • Delivery pumps by Dolphin Pumps
  • Ultra-violet sterilization by Emperor Aquatics
  • Back-up protection by Generac
  • Foam fractionation, media reactors, denitrator, and bio-sump by MRC

  • Control and monitoring by Neptune Systems Apex
  • Cultured man-made live rock by Real Reef Rock
  • Freshwater purification by SpectraPure

Reef 119 Louisiana USA

Reef rebuilt May 2016.

Reef 119 is a custom reef aquarium restoration at Seal Sports in Mandeville, Louisiana. Most recently, we rebuilt the reef using dry rock to eliminate a plague of Clavularia sp. Once the system was stabilized via the Triton Method, a selection of coral colonies and frags we hand-picked at Unique Corals were installed.

A custom aluminum height and angle adjustable suspension system was designed and fabricated for the two dimmable LED fixtures which replaced the six-bulb T-5 fixture. This eliminated the need for a chiller as system temperature with the T-5s was always problematic.

The system is housed in a 60” long 110-gallon glass aquarium. With continuing dosing of Triton Elementz, the new specimens are thriving. Soon we will add more corals and fish. If you are in the Mandeville area, drop by and have a look. We think you’ll be impressed.

  • Internal circulation and battery back-up by Ecotech Marine
  • Custom refugium sump by MRC
  • System control and monitoring by Neptune Systems
  • LED lighting by Orphek

  • Glass display tank by Oceanic Systems
  • Foam fractionation by Vertex Aquaristik
  • Freshwater purification by SpectraPure

Reef 126 New Orleans USA

Reef 126 is a full strip and re-fit custom reef aquarium restoration in a shipping company president’s office. Originally installed in December 2006, our client wished to upgrade this system to the latest technologies.

Previously it was equipped with a hang-on-the-back skimmer and a HQI/PC lighting system. It was decided to switch to a sump with a larger skimmer and LED lights as well as remote computer control.

The fleckstone stand was sanded, primed, and painted with a custom color on the exterior and high-gloss white on the interior. Doors were remounted and new stainless steel hardware added. First generation propeller pumps were rebuilt to current standards with wireless drivers.

Included in the sump is a large refugium with a healthy microfauna population. All of the animals from the original system were successfully transferred to the new system and continue to thrive. The reef was built entirely by our client with the live rock from the original system.

  • Internal circulation by Ecotech Marine
  • Refugium sump by MRC
  • System control and monitoring by Neptune Systems
  • LED lighting by Orphek

  • Glass display tank by Planet Aquariums
  • Foam fractionation by Royal Exclusiv Bubble King
  • Freshwater purification and top-off by SpectraPure
  • Custom LED hanging mechanisms by Wet Work

Reef 197 Louisiana USA

Completed March 2016.

Reef 197 is a custom installation in a private residence. Previously Reef 174, the old tank – over twelve years old – sprung a leak late one night. We rushed to the rescue, transferred the animals to a temporary system, drained the tank to stop the flooding, then cleaned up the mess. The new tank was constructed out of .75” low-iron glass with a 3” wide perimeter brace. The overflow remains on one end and encloses a 1.5” main drain, 1” auxiliary drain and a 1” return line.

The split sump configuration and Bubble King Mini 200 skimmer remain. Plumbing and electrical were completely stripped out and replaced with our current state-of-the-art. System control/monitoring and return pumps were upgraded. Automated dosing of Triton Elementz was added and our client rebuilt the reef to his liking.

Brought back online three months ago, the system was under our close supervision and care. Now completely under the care of our client, we assist by closely monitoring the system in Apex Fusion.

  • Temperature management by Aqualogic
  • Return and circulation pumps by Ecotech Marine
  • Ultraviolet sterilization by Emperor Aquatics
  • Custom acrylic split sump by MRC
  • System monitoring and control by Neptune Systems

  • LED lighting by Orphek
  • Custom low-iron glass aquarium by Planet Aquariums
  • Freshwater purification by SpectraPure
  • Custom LED hanging mechanism by Wet Work

Reef 285 Chicago USA

Reef 285 is an original installation in the finished basement of a private residence. The custom main display by ELOS is a “golden rectangle” 160 cm by 100 cm by 25 cm. It rests on a pure white powdercoated stainless steel stand. The wall behind the tank is tiled in multicolored blue glass and the same tile that was added to the floor.

All of the system’s equipment and quarantine tanks are in the converted bathroom directly behind the main display. The bathroom was entirely stripped of all dry wall, which was replaced with plywood covered in white FRP. The only remaining element from the bathroom is the toilet. A 720 CFM exhaust fan controlled by a humidistat helps maintain the fish room’s climate.

Drain and return lines pass through the wall from the main display and connect to the sump. There are independent systems for both coral and fish quarantine. Custom ceramic panels and rocks create a unique environment in this shallow, deep pool. Internal circulation is created through a combination of Neptune Systems WĀV pumps and an Abyzz A100.

  • Custom main display and stand by ELOS
  • Internal circulation by Abyzz
  • Quarantine tanks, seawater mixing tank, ATO reservoir and refugium by Advanced Acrylics
  • Coral quarantine lighting by AquaIlluminations
  • Custom aluminum work by C. T. Traina
  • LED/T-5 Hybrid lighting by Giesemann
  • Ultraviolet sterilization by Emperor Aquatics

  • Custom ceramic reef by Korallenwelt
  • Control and monitoring, internal circulation by Neptune Systems
  • Refugium lighting by Orphek
  • Sump, skimmer and delivery pump by Royal Exclusiv
  • Freshwater purification by SpectraPure
  • Refugium, quarantine tanks and seawater mixing tank circulation by Tunze

Reef 173 Louisiana USA

Reef 173 is a restoration in the lobby of the Internal Medicine Clinic of Tangipahoa.This glass display, 84″ long by 24″ deep by 22″ tall, sits in an equipment room accessed through the office space. It has been consistently upgraded over the years to reflect developing technologies in lighting, control, supplement management, and accessibility.

Originally equipped with metal halide bulbs, it now uses a combination of LED and T-5 lighting. A new sump we designed was installed along with more robust protein skimming and internal circulation.

Water changes are accomplished using strictly gravity and require only the opening and closing of two valves. All system functions are automated through Apex permitting total control from anywhere on Earth.

The system was rehabbed by us once again since it had become overgrown by Aiptasia sp. and Palythoa sp. It was stripped (yes, we got sick) and refilled, with a brand new reef built from Real Reef Rock. Many of the large original specimens in this system still thrive with many beautiful specimens recently added.

  • Temperature management by Aqualogic
  • Return pump and internal circulation by Ecotech Marine
  • T-5 lighting by Giesemann
  • Sump and foam fractionation by MRC

  • System control and monitoring by Neptune Systems Apex
  • LED lighting by Orphek
  • Freshwater purification by SpectraPure

Reef 101 Louisiana USA

Formerly Reef 57, Reef 101 is an original custom reef aquarium installation in a private residence. Originally set up in 2012, March 2014 saw a significant expansion of the system with all system management equipment transferred to the storeroom behind the tank.

Designed as a learning tool for a 9-year-old boy, all equipment on the original system was placed at eye level for easy monitoring and viewing.

All system components of this coral reef aquarium including the water change feed pump are Apex controlled. Precise temperature is maintained by a combination of fans and heaters.

A custom aluminum suspension system was designed for the LED light. Automated dosing of both calcium and alkalinity supplements simplify maintenance of this rapidly growing SPS reef.

  • LED lighting by Orphek
  • Freshwater purification by SpectraPure
  • Automatic top-off by Tunze
  • Foam fractionation by Vertex Aquaristik

  • Continuous siphon overflow by CPR Aquatics
  • Glass tank and stand by Deep Sea Aquatics
  • Internal circulation and battery back-up by Ecotech Marine
  • Reef Sump by MRC
  • System control and monitoring by Neptune Systems System

Reef House Concept 4522 North Dakota USA

Reef House 4522 is a concept system and structure designed as an independent addition to a primary residence. Location climate significantly influenced the design. A partially glass roof and upper windows provide plenty of light and in winter, what little sun there is. Heating is geothermal with heated concrete floors. Efficient ductless A/C units, all LED lighting, automatic blinds, and extremely efficient external pumps round out the environmental considerations. Additonally, the entire south façade can be opened to the backyard during warmer months.

The display tank itself is 15′ long by 6′ deep by 6′ tall with a large clam pond attached with the ultimate intention of it becoming a significant filtering mechanism for the large fish population. The equipment room will house independent frag and fish quarantine systems as well as a 7′ long by 3′ wide refugium tank.

All filtration components for the main display would be produced by MRC with the main display constructed by Waterdog Products. The reef structure would be entirely ceramic, effectively obscuring any hardware, plumbing or other unsightly equipment that would detract from the natural appearance of the display.

Reef 174 Louisiana USA

Dismantled October 2015.

Reef 174 was a full strip and re-fit restoration of a custom reef aquarium in a private residence. The aquarium sits in an office/sun room overlooking the Louisiana bayou and also faces onto the residence’s great room. The glass display tank is 72″ long by 24″ deep by 27″ tall. Only the tank and stand were retained from the original installation. The fleckstone stand was stripped, sanded, primed, and painted high gloss pure white inside and out. As part of the restoration, the room in which the tank sits was repainted as well.

As much space as possible was used inside the cabinet to maximize total system volume. A split sump was employed for easy installation. The first generation propeller pumps were upgraded to current standards with wireless drivers. The metal halide bulbs and T-12 fluorescent tubes were eliminated in favor of LEDs.

Bulk water storage with pumps controlled from the aquarium cabinet were installed in the garage downstairs making water changes effortless.

The reef was rebuilt primarily by our client using the live rock from the original system as well as ceramic components. Recently, the display was dismantled and the 12-year-old tank replaced when it sprung a leak that could not be repaired.

  • Temperature management by Aqualogic
  • Dosing control by Bubble Magus
  • System control and monitoring by Digital Aquatics
  • System circulation by Dolphin Pumps
  • Internal circulation and battery back-up by Ecotech Marine

  • Custom split sump by MRC
  • Glass display tank by Oceanic Systems
  • LED lighting by Orphek
  • Foam fractionation by Royal Exclusiv Bubble King
  • Freshwater purification by SpectraPure

Reef 325 Cat Island Bahamas

Reef 325 is an original installation in a private residence in Devil’s Point settlement on Cat Island in the Bahamas.The glass display tank, purchased by our client in Brazil is 114″ long by 22″ deep by 29″ tall and serves as a room divider between the residence’s great room and a bedroom. To keep the room as quiet as possible, a split sump is under the tank in the cabinet, while the cooling sump, return pump, and bulk water storage is under the sun deck.

A significant amount of on-site construction was required including converting a chest of drawers into a cabinet with doors and the creation of a 12′ long sliding bookshelf/facade to hang over the tank.

This project presented two very unique challenges: the extremely remote location and a residence powered entirely by solar energy. Every component, every part — down to the last screw — had to be either shipped or brought with us to the island on one of our trips.

Power back-up systems are in use should the batteries supplied by the solar panels become exhausted — an occasional occurrence during extended periods of precipitation or cloud cover.

Hurricane Irene devastated the residence, tearing off over 30% of the roof but the system and its inhabitants survived. We enjoy returning often since this has become one of our favorite places on Earth.

  • LED lights by AquaIllumination
  • Temperature control by Aqualogic
  • Evaporative chiller by Deltec
  • Primary and back-up circulation pumps by Dolphin Pumps

  • Internal circulation and battery back-up by Ecotech Marine
  • Foam fractionation and refugium LEDs by ELOS
  • Split sump and cooling sump by MRC

Reef 479 Louisiana USA

Reef 479 is a full strip and re-fit restoration in a private residence.

With a steel-framed glass display measuring 72″ long by 36″ deep by 42″ tall and very little space below the tank, it was determined the best location for the filtration equipment was above the tank on the second floor. A powerful Dolphin Pump moves water from the two settling sumps underneath the tank to 12 square feet of sump upstairs with 8 square feet of mudflat environment.

The reef structure is entirely ceramic with all plumbing within the system completely hidden from view. Display lighting, once metal halide, is now all multichip LED.

Freshwater purification and bulk water storage are on the opposite side of the two car garage. Transfer is accomplished with pumps controlled through the through Apex Fusion.

A large chiller sits behind landscaping outside and is fed by the closed-loop, which provides circulation in the upper half of the tank. Many of its inhabitants have been in residence for over five years, including a monster Squamosa clam and a very large, very mean Sohal Tang.

Media reactors and Planet T-5 refugium lighting by ELOS

  • Primary circulation and closed-loop circulation by Dolphin Pumps
  • Settling and refugium sumps, kalkwasser reactor by MR
  • Control and monitoring by Neptune Systems Apex
  • Flow diverters by Oceans Motions

  • LED lighting by Orphek
  • Foam fractionation by Royal Exclusiv Bubble King
  • Freshwater purification by SpectraPure

Reef 45 New Orleans USA

Reef 45 was an original custom reef aquarium installation in our former office in New Orleans. The objective with this system was to try different equipment, various lighting, and create different conditions in order to see which combinations were most effective at encouraging both growth and color in small-polyped stony corals or “SPS”.

Opting for a rimless tank with no cover we selected a display 29″ long by 22″ deep by 19″ tall. The system included a glass sump and small venturi-driven skimmer which was later upgraded to larger size as bio-mass increased. Propeller pumps provided the high flow necessary for SPS growth. Originally employing an HQI/T-5 lighting system, ultimately, as with our other installations, we switched to LEDs.We also experimented with different photography techniques.

Eventually, all of the corals and clams were moved to client’s systems prior to our move where many have grown to enormous sizes. The Montipora spongodes and Acropora gomezi in Reef 173 originated from this system as did the Acropora millepora in Reef 99. Several other Acropora ssp. were distributed among our other systems.

Since it is critical that we always stay on the cutting edge, the system is currently being completely upgraded to reflect the latest technologies available in the industry.

  • Glass display tank, stand and LED lighting by ELOS
  • Custom sump designed by Wet Work, fabricated by MRC Industrial
  • Foam fractionation by Royal Exclusiv Bubble King System

  • Monitoring, control and dosing by Neptune Systems
  • Return and internal circulation pumps by Ecotech Marine
  • Freshwater purification by SpectraPure

Reef 453 Louisiana USA

Reef 453 was an original installation in a private. It was both an aquarium build and an interior design project. Entirely custom, this was our first ground-up installation as Wet Work. The “peninsula” style rimless and frameless glass display tank measured 84″ long by 48″ wide by 27″ tall. It was supported by a three-part stainless steel stand with maple inserts, bamboo doors, and travertine shelf and base trim.

A special aluminum hanger was designed so all wiring from the HQI/T-5 light fixtures would be concealed. A 6′ long by 2′ wide sump with 8 square feet of mud refugium was supplied by two drains from the display. Water flowed to the outer end of the stand and then back toward the wall through a settling sump.

The reef was entirely contstructed from ceramic rock crafted specifically for this project. Internal circulation was a combination of bulk water storage for both evaporation replacement and water changes was 20 yards away at the back of the property. Top-off was gravity-fed while water changes were supplied by a switch-controlled pump.

Glass display, media reactors, Planet HQI/T-5 lighting by ELOS

  • Foam fractionation by Royal Exclusiv Bubble King
  • Freshwater purification by SpectraPure
  • Internal water movement by Tunze

  • Temperature management by Aqualogic
  • Back-up power by Generac
  • Custom bamboo doors by Laguna Bamboo
  • Control and monitoring by Neptune Systems AquaController III Pro

Reef 2430 Louisiana USA

July 2016 – Under Construction

Reef 2430 is an original installation in a private residence. Housed in a 20′ by 17′ wet room with 12′ ceilings, the display and stand were fabricated by Waterdog Products in California. It is 11′ long by 7′ deep by 4′ tall. A 1.5″ thick acrylic pane faces on the game room of the residence.

Over sixty-five individual components will be controlled by an Apex system dedicated to the main display. The large, independent quarantine systems for fish and corals will be controlled by their own dedicated Apex systems.

Climate control in the wet room will be maintained by two 18,000 BTU Mitsubishi mini-split heat pumps and two dehumidifiers.

All water change and dehumidifier drain lines are in place as is all control wiring. With the addition of network cables to connect the Apex units to the home network, the walls were then closed up using Magnesiacore, which is both water and fire proof. We expect to resume construction very soon.

Recently, temporary plumbing was added to water test the pumps’ flow rates. The Dolphin 6250 shot water all the way to the opposite end, 11’ feet away, through a 1.5” line. With four of these pumps on a prototype surge device developed by Oceans Motions, this system will have mad flow.

  • Temperature management by Aqualogic heat pumps
  • Delivery and surge by Dolphin Pumps
  • Back-up protection by Generac
  • Ceramic reef rock by Korallenwelt
  • Control and monitoring by Neptune Systems Apex
  • LED lighting by Orphek

  • Foam fractionation, sump, refugium, and bulk water storage by MRC
  • Surge devices by Oceans Motions
  • Cultured man-made live rock by Real Reef Rock
  • Freshwater purification by SpectraPure
  • Additonal internal circulation by Tunze
  • Main display tank by Waterdog Products

Reef 524 Cancun Mexico


Reef 145 Connecticut USA


Reef 238 Louisiana USA


Twin Reefs 166 Louisiana USA