At Wet Work, custom aquarium and reef design is not a hobby. It is our passion, our livelihood and the culmination of a lifetime of experiences. Simply put, it is who we are and all we do.

As reefkeeping grows to hobbyists, homes and businesses, Wet Work has created valuable partnerships to help assist you in building the custom reef aquarium of your dreams. We work with only the best — in design, equipment, installation and customer service. Wet Work maintains very tight scrutiny over every aspect of our projects, and we have zero tolerance for anything less than excellence. Based in New Orleans, our custom reef aquarium design and installation services are available globally.

Wet Work take our partnerships seriously, whether it is the custom reef aquariums we build and their inhabitants, or our customers who come to us for an unparalleled experience. We know the “wow” moment is when you see your living, breathing ecosystem come to life. Our personally designed installations and system upgrades greatly reduce maintenance and labor, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your living reef.

Wet Work want to build partners for life, so we work hard to ensure a healthy and productive ecosystem and strive to create that same environment for our customers. We offer the following:

• Consultation
• Custom design and complete installation services
• Existing system restorations and upgrades
• On-site and remote system management and maintenance
• Aquascape design and species selection services

All of our systems include programmable LED lighting, computer-controlled monitoring and system management, zero environmental impact synthetic rock, and easily accessible equipment and components that virtually eliminate the typical labor commitment of most aquariums.

We would consider it a privilege to help design, install and make your project the custom aquarium of your dreams, no matter what country you live in, no matter how remote your locale.


“There is no greater fortune than being able to do what one truly loves for a living. My work is my life. I have traveled to wonderful places, met and worked with wonderful people, and watched systems grow and develop along with my clients’ knowledge and enjoyment. This is the ultimate reward for what I do.” — Wet Work Founder Sam Slobusky